Navigation and Observation Systems
Krona-M. Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

«Krona-M» MSSR is produced in two configurations: autonomous and embedded in radar complexes. By a customer wish each configuration can be produced in an en-route or terminal version. The versions differ in radar data updating rate depending on the antenna system rotation speed. «Krona» MSSR has passed acceptance tests and approbation by EU leading companies - Thales ATM and ALENIA MARCONI SYSTEMS. ZAO NIIIT-RK is a partner of the mentioned companies in several projects.


  • Total compliance with ICAO regulations and Russian standards;
  • High level of reliability: all solid-state equipment design,reliability (mean time between failures) not less than 20 000 hours;
  • 100% back-up of electronic equipment (hot back-up) local and remote control;
  • Continued built-in test control (control and monitoring system provides operation check and automatic switching over to the back-up, visualization of a block failure, a failure localization up to line replaceable level);
  • Availability of an embedded high quality high power uninterruptible power supply (UPS) operating in on-line mode. At voltage failure the UPS provides MSSR operation exceeding 10 minutes;
  • Signal primary processing equipment is built on signal processors. Industrial versions of Advantech Company are used as computers and their components. The MSSR software is developed in NIIIT-RK;
  • Guarantied continued operation without continued personnel presence;
  • Possibility of rapid interfacing with any automated ATM systems (national and international) through interface software modification;
  • Possibility of updating to operation in Mode S;
  • Adaptation to electromagnetic environment and to the site.

«Krona-M» is a recent modification of MSSR autonomous version. Its constructive embodiment is based on:

  • Bought eurostructures;
  • Bought units of industrial lot production: power supplies;
  • CMS controllers, power automatics functional assemblies;
  • PLIC electronic devices, microcontrollers, high integration UHF circuits;
  • Ribbon intracabinet mounting;
  • Priority use of screwdriver technology;
  • Significant reducing of units, sections, cabinets number and mix;
  • Reducing of labour and materials consumption.


  • Shelter (container);
  • Antenna System;
  • Drive Column;
  • Test Transponder;
  • Site Terminal;
  • Remote Terminal;
  • Spares Kit;
  • Mounting Parts;
  • Instruments and Accessories;
  • Radio Equipment Kit for routing maintenance carrying out.

Type and height of the antenna system depend on terrain features and local constructions at MSSR site. The mast may have the following height: 5 m; 15 m; 25 m; 32,5m; 37,5 m. The antenna system is a flat phased array with large vertical aperture. High quality embedded climatic system and embodiment of shelters, masts, antenna system and other compo¬nents provide MSSR operation in deserts, highlands, subtropics as well as in polar latitudes. For special delivery conditions MSSR version with a radio-parent radome over antenna system is available.

By a customer wish MSSR can be delivered with the drive column and the shelter combined into a single construc¬tion. In this case MSSR including antenna system can be placed at the top of the mast.



Visibility range

  • minimum range, less
    • 1 км
  • maximum range for an en-route MSSR, not less
    • 400 км
  • maximum range for a termina MSSR, not less
    • 200 км
  • elevation angle maximum, not less
    • 45˚
  • elevation angle minimum, not greater
    • 0,5˚
  • detection height, not less
    • 20 км

Positional accuracy (mean-root-square))

  • in range, not greater
    • 4,8 RBS
  • in azimuth, not greater
    • 6,0 UVD


  • in range, not worse
    • 150 UVD
  • in azimuth, not greater, min
    • 0,6 RBS
  • for an en-route MSSR
    • 0,9 UVD
    • 1,0 RBS
  • for a terminal MSSR
    • 1,5 UVD
  • Probability of receiving undistorted additional information, not less
    • 0,98

Data updating rate

  • for an en-route MSSR
    • 10 sec
  • for a terminal MSSR
    • 4 sec


  • Useful time, not less
    • 100 000 h
  • Life time, not less
    • 12 years
  • Operation in temperature range
    • -60°С ... +50°С

Wind loads

  • operational
    • 40 m/sec
  • nonoperational
    • 55 m/sec

Targets number

  • per scan
    • 200
  • per beam
    • 20


  • Reliability (MTBF), not less
    • 20 000 h
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