Improving the efficiency of air transport systems through the full implementation of trajectory-based operations

As part of the business program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS–2017, a meeting of the Russian Engineering Union Commission on development of air navigation system was held. It was chaired by the Head of the Commission, an advisor to the CEO of the Rostec State Corporation Adil Saidov. The discussion centered on improving air transport system efficiency, using trajectory-based operations.

Opening the meeting, First Vice-President of the Russian Engineering Union, First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship Vladimir Gutenev called civil aviation an undeniable driver of economic development of Russia: “Air navigation of Russia is integral to the global air navigation system. New approaches, concepts and standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, International Air Transport Association, International Association of Airports and relevant European institutions determine the further development of this area and require interfacing with the existing Russian air navigation system”. Speaking about the full-scale implementation of the concept of trajectory-based operations in Russian airspace, the lawmaker explained that it would reduce costs to all participants in air transport activities, reduce the loss of users, give a boost to aircraft manufacturers to create advanced systems, increase the attractiveness of Russian airspace, the sector's export potential and, most importantly, it would increase flight safety. “Today, one of the core concepts designed to significantly improve the efficiency of air transport systems is the full-scale implementation of trajectory-based operations. It implies using a three-dimensional model of the Earth in all data processing calculations, the implementation of all automation functions on the basis of 4D trajectory prediction, the triple redundancy of major components,” - said the deputy.
The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union Commission on development of air navigation system, Deputy CEO for research and development of JSC AZIMUT Viktor Solomentsev underlined that increasing the efficiency of the air transport system would facilitate the implementation of new high-tech products, developed by the leading air navigation equipment manufacturer: “As is known, flying intensity increases year by year. Therefore, we are actively engaged in the development of integrated projects for the equipment of aerodromes and air traffic control centres, as well as produce the tools of communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and automation and supply them to civil aviation enterprises Our near-term plan is to create a new information environment in which trajectory-based operations (TBO) will become possible and increase the efficiency of the whole air transport system.” Speaking about the tasks of the air navigation service provider in the implementation of trajectory-based operations, the CEO of FSUE “State ATM Corporation” Igor Moiseenko said that the transition from the existing ATM model, where the current location of the aircraft was known, to the ATM trajectory-based operations concept, where the future location of the aircraft would be known, was critical: “The advantage lies in maximizing the efficiency of flight trajectories for airspace users and increasing ATM system capacity”. Moiseenko explained that the projects implemented by the Company were aimed at improving information exchange for the purpose of creating a TBO database, and included the implementation of the concept of collaborative decision making and the procedures of management of arriving and departing air traffic flows at the busiest airports, improvement of technologies of aeronautical information management, implementation of an air-ground data communication network and air navigation services based on it, increasing the number of airports equipped with the advanced surface traffic control and monitoring system. Following the discussion, the participants took the decision to negotiate, at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, an issue of launching advanced avionics, instrumentation and systems of the Unified ATM System supporting trajectory-based operations. In order to create conditions for the implementation of trajectory-based operations in due course, they also fixed upon approaching the Federal Air Transport Agency, FSUE “State ATM Corporation” with proposals on the expediency of the concept and on integrating the unified centralized system of planning airspace management (ASM) and the organization of air traffic flows with the support of trajectory-based operations into the Long-term enterprise development programme.

JSC Azimut with the assistance of the Rostec State Corporation develops, manufactures commercially, and supplies, on a turnkey basis, civil aviation enterprises with the facilities of communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation, as well as develops and implements integrated projects of equipping and re-equipping aerodromes and air traffic control centres.

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