A team of air traffic controllers of Russia, actively supported and sponsored by JSC Azimut, won the European Controllers Football Cup

In June, 2016, the 49th European Football Cup tournament among air traffic controllers was held in the French town of Reims, in which the team of air traffic controllers «Russia» won for the third time, and the team «Moscow» took the 9th place out of 40 teams from 23 European countries.

For the first time a European controllers football championship took place in 1968 at the initiative of German specialists. The football team «Moscow», established at the Moscow centre for automated air traffic control, joined the European Cup in 1987. Later, the team «Russia», formed out of the best players, who were Russian air traffic controllers, began participating in the tournament. Both teams, achieving impressive results and repeatedly becoming the winners and prize-winners of the tournament, popularized football among air traffic controllers in the country, and enhanced Russia’s global stature.

Air Traffic Controllers Sports Club is in charge of organizational issues and staffing teams. As far as sponsorship is concerned, one of the sponsors of the football team «Moscow» in European Controllers Football Cup championship in 2016 was JSC Azimut, the Russian developer of electronic systems for civil aviation.

«In the ranking of the European Cup, the team «Moscow» occupies the first place among 57 teams of Europe. The team «Moscow» has been participating in the tournament since 1987. It has twice hosted the European Cup (2000 and 2005), and has become the champion of the European Cup. I would like to emphasize that at this tournament the team «Moscow» was equipped thanks to the support of our partner, JSC Azimut. We are grateful to JSC Azimut for enabling our specialists, who ensure safe flights, to take part in the international competition, and not only to perform well but also to strengthen international and business ties with foreign partners», - said Igor Mitronin, Director General of Air Traffic Controllers Sports Club.

By the way, Igor Mitronin and his 57-year-old teammate Vladimir Aseyev (who scored one of the goals), playing № 19, are veteran footballers: both players have participated in all European Controllers Football Cup tournaments since 1987.

We wish you more wins!

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