Young air traffic controllers improve their skills on simulators manufactured by JSC Azimut

A simulator complex for training air traffic controllers is scheduled to be operational in Pulkovo airport. Simulation equipment with innovative projection technology designed and manufactured by JSC Azimut experts will enable to safely simulate emergency situations on the airfield and to practice air traffic controllers’ skills to ensure the safe movement of aircraft on the ground and in the air.

Ground service aviators will be trained in a specifically designed simulator complex mocking a control tower. The simulator design represents a cylinder where powerful installation projectors simultaneously create a single projection of the airport and runway.

The equipment enables to simulate various emergency situations: extreme weather conditions, a fire on board, runway incursion.

“Controlling ground and air traffic at airports when aircraft take off and land practically every minute, and scores of aircraft and emergency vehicles are manoeuvring on the taxiways, can only be performed by high-calibre professionals, who, in a split second, are able to assess the possible occurrence of an emergency situation and resolve it. Our simulator complex will enable future specialists to practice their actions and maintain their skills at a high level,” - said Director General of JSC Azimut Asker Saidov.

JSC Azimut with the assistance of the Rostec State Corporation develops, manufactures commercially, and supplies, on a turnkey basis, civil aviation enterprises with the facilities of communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation, as well as develops and implements integrated projects of equipping and re-equipping aerodromes and air traffic control centres.

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