Azimut carries out development, batch production and delivery of radio-communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and air traffic control automation systems on a turnkey basis to civil aviation enterprises as well as develops and carries out integrated airports and air traffic control centres equipment and re-equipment projects.

Azimut have all necessary certificates and licenses to perform works in the interest of the civil users. The Company’s book of orders includes more than 20 types of commercial delivery items.

The total number of equipment units delivered on separate contracts is >650 units. Among them >20% of products were delivered abroad (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kirghizia, Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia).

The innovative equipment according to CNS/ATM Concept of International Civil Aviation Organization and the requirements of future Air Trac Management worldwide system including the air trac control automation system of new generation satisfying the requirements of Eurocontrol are under development.



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