Сommunication systems

CDR-2700 is designed for recording voice messages and data over analog and digital radio channels, telephone / loudspeaker communication, monitoring information, planned information, weather information, information displayed on the controller monitor, control room information from video cameras and microphones, as well as for creating an archive of recorded information on hard drives and long-term (removable) media, playback of recorded information from the operational access archive and from the long-term (removable) media archive.


  • Common server equipment for recording and playback.
  • Technical monitoring and control station (TMCS).
  • Separate playback station (SPS) suitable for autonomous operation of registered information.


As part of the ATM Automation System of enlarged centres, as part of the ATC Automation System of airfields with high, medium and low air traffic density. At other facilities that require voice-information recording, in accordance with the law.


Multimedia synchronous playback of registered information of various types (audio, video, data). Simultaneous listening to up to 6 voice channels of recorded information. Modular build-up of physical capacity by connecting additional equipment during operation. The use of backup elements in a distributed structure, and the use of the checked and highly reliable commercial equipment for the equipment room. A decentralized and distributed architecture that does not have any hardware or software elements whose failure leads to the failure of the CDR-2700 as a whole.

Basic specifications

Number of working positions subject to “passive" recording, max.


Number of analog voice signals to be recorded, max.


Number of digital voice signals to be recorded, max.


Information storage time, days

≥ 30

Types of supported digital and analog channels




Types of recorded information

Voice information (radio- and telephone communications) and data (surveillance, planned information, weather information, information from video cameras, etc.), as well as information displayed on the controllers’ monitors that are part of the automated working positions of the ATC Automation System.

Types of synchronization

Based on single time signals from an external single time source using the NTP Protocol.

Operating temperature range, °C

from 5 to 40

Relative humidity at a temperature of plus 25 °C, %, maximum


Atmospheric pressure in the range, mm Hg,

from 525 to 790

Readiness time after power-up, min., max.


Battery life in case of power-supply failure (when a UPS is included in the CDR-2700), min.



The separate playback station (SPS) provides multimedia (synchronous audio and video) real-time playback of recorded information on the TMCS and SPS, including from IP-cameras, up to four audio channels and two channels of surveillance data or video. The time of retrieving information from the operational and long-term archives does not exceed 2 minutes.

Technical monitoring and control

The technical monitoring and control station (TMCS) provides monitoring and control of product components, including control of hard drives and long-term (removable) media (when connected), with the appropriate indication of the fault status when connected via LAN. Shifting the TMCS from the servers, maximum 100 m along the LAN cable route.

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