Navigation and Surveillance Systems
DME 2700. Long-range Distance Measuring Equipment


The radio beacon of the DME system, in conjunction with onboard equipment, is intended for measuring the slant distance of an aircraft relative to the ground station. The radio beacon is utilized for enroute and terminal navigation of civil aircraft.


The DME 2700 radio beacon utilizes the operational principles and the signal format of DME/N equipment in accordance with Appendix 10 to the «Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO)». The radio beacon can be used in conjunction with the VOR (DVOR) and with Insrument Landing System (ILS) or independently in DME-DME network. In this case data of aircraft position relatively radio beacon installation site are provided onboard in two distances measurement system, that allows solving problems of enroute air navigation as well as at aerodrome area.



  • in the horizontal plane
    • 360°
  • in the vertical plane
    • 40°
  • in the range (in conditions of direct visibility), at least
    • 340 km (at theflight altitude of 12000 m)
    • 240 km (at theflight altitude of 6000 m)

Inaccuracy of range measuring inserted by the radio beacon, at most:

  • during interaction with VOR, DVOR
    • ±150 m
  • during interaction with ILS
    • ±75 m
  • Number of airplanes monitored simultaneously, up to
    • 200
  • Frequency range
    • 962 – 1213 MHz
  • Pulse power
    • 1,0 kWt
  • Pulse form and other parameters
    • meets ICAO requirements
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