Additional measuring equipement
SMF/PAPI – Photometric System for PAPI Lights


The SMF/PAPI system has been designed as a standalone equipment fully devoted to the measurement of the correct setting and alignment of PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) of AGLSs.

SMF/PAPI also allows measurement of color transition aperture, an aperture angle and a light beam color of the PAPI block.


The SMF/PAPI system is constructed on the basis of a special photometer head with a stabilizing platform and sensors which can perform fully automatic measurements and setting of all parameters of measured PAPI lights. This easy-to-perform procedure run with the help of a portable PC provide the operator with correct information on what actions should be carried out in relation to the PAPI lights adjusting mechanisms in order to achieve fine tuning.

The SMF/PAPI adjustment procedure is quick and easy (less than 10 minutes per light) and can be repeated by the user periodically or when some special maintenance actions are necessary (i.e. during light repairing or replacing).

The user can perform flight checks only when it is strictly needed (i.e. in order to ensure coordination between the PAPI lights and the ILS system) having used the SMF/PAPI system for PAPI adjustment preliminarily, thus saving money and time. The SMF/PAPI system can create a system database containing data on all settings of the PAPI lights (i.e. light beam elevation angles for each light) made in the course of flight reviews with or without ILS system, and use this data as reference values for further measurements.

Thus, the user can be sure that after post-service resetting, the light parameters will be the same set in the course of flight checks.

A very important feature provided by means of high accuracy of the SMF/PAPI system, is a possibility of using PAPI lights as a reference information source for checking ILS settings.

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