Air Traffic Control System «GALAXY»
4D Trajectory based Air Traffic Management System «GALAXY»

«GALAXY» is a 4D Trajectory Based Air Traffic Management System. Modern and scalable solution for low, medium and high density airspace.


  • Tower, approach and en-route control;
  • Support remote Approach and Tower units both civil and goverment;
  • Open for customer’s requirements;
  • Designed based on ICAO and EUROCONTROL requirements;
  • Compliant with International standard;
  • Follows ICAO ASBU Initiative;
  • WGS-84 based system: no limitation for dimensions of processed area;
  • Integration with EUROCONTROL IFPS and CFMU.


Advanced Surveillance Data Processing:

  • Full complains with EUROCONTROL standard SUR.ET1.ST01.1000-STD-01-01;
  • Multi-sensor data processing of all type of surveillance sensors: PSR, SSR (include Mode S), MLAT/WAM, ADS, surface sensors (SMR, SMGCS tracks);
  • Performance: up to 8 000 tracks, and 300 sensors;
  • Probability data association and usage of Interactive Multiple Model (IMM) for filtering;
  • Processing of Down-link Aircraft Parameters (DAPs) to increased quality of system tracks and provide additional information;
  • System track update rate from 1 to 10 seconds.

4-D Trajectory Based System:

  • 4D trajectory is a background of main system services (LTCD, MTCD, MONA, etc.);
  • Precise calculation of the 4D trajectories based on BADA and total energy model;
  • Surveillance data and controller’s clearances are used for trajectories update;
  • Long and Medium Term Conflict detection (include “what if” option) functionality;
  • Support of Aeronautical data in AIXM format.

Dynamic Airspace Management:

  • Flexible use of airspace;
  • Online reconfiguration of current airspace structure based on atomic volumes;
  • Support of Civil/Military coordination and management of military activities;
  • Dynamic management of special used airspace.

Flexible Air Situation Display

  • Integrated presentation of air situation based on aeronautical, surveillance and flight plan data;
  • Adaptation of visualization settings (all colors, text fonts and styles, dialog windows style and etc.);
  • Extended graphical interactions: elastic rerouting, multiple ASD views;
  • Most operations are available from track label.

Reliable Safety Nets Functionality

  • All components (STCA, MSAW, APW, APM) complain with Eurocontrol requirements;
  • Alert and warning indication;
  • Digital terrain elevation data support for MSAW and APM reason;
  • ACAS alerts indication.

CNS/ATM in operation

  • Support ATC applications of datalink (DCL, OCL, CPD LC, ADS-C);
  • Using ADS-B data in trajectory processing.


  • Program management with close collaboration with customers;
  • Engineering and software development processes complains with international standards ED 153, DO278/ED 109 (SWAL 3 and 4);
  • Fallback capability for critical sub-systems: using of redundant architecture and transparent switch-over for redundant components;
  • Triple redundant architecture (Active / Hot stand-by / Cold stand-by) for critical subsystems (SDPS, FDPS, SNET);
  • Direct access to surveillance data from CWP in bypass mode.


  • Use of COTS Hardware (OS Linux);
  • ASTERIX inside: open architecture and standard internal interfaces (ASTERIX, Flight objects, SNMP);
  • Long term support, upgrade and services.
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