Additional measuring equipement
Signal analyzer - Analyzer 2700


Signal Analyzer 2700 is intended for the measurement of signal parameters and the formation of signals from ILS-Loc/ILS-GP, VOR/DVOR, MB, also integrated with automated measuring benches.

Operating principle

The operating principle of the analyzer when measuring the signal parameters is based on the sequential spectrum analysis method with the use of fast Fourier transform. The operating principle of the analyzer when conditioning the format signals is based on the use of a test generator to generate signals with rated factors of amplitude modulation, frequency and phase deviation by means of direct digital synthesis. The filtered signal from the generator output is amplified and fed to a controllable attenuator.


The analyzer is designed in a robust compact housing suitable for use in laboratory and field conditions. Operation modes of the analyzer and parameters of its input and output signals are entered by means of a touch panel keyboard on a color LCD screen or an external mouse pointer. Measurement results are displayed on the color LCD screen. Electrical power is supplied to the analyzer from a lithium-ion battery or through a 24V AC/DC adapter, both of them included in the delivery set. The battery runtime in continuous measurement mode is at least 4 hours.

Key features

  • Low cost in comparison with foreign analogues
  • Test generator that allows to simulate landing and navigation signals for Loc/GP/MB/VOR, including also dual-frequency ILS systems
  • Measurement of dual-frequency ILS systems – possibility of independent measurement of wide and narrow channels
  • Operation from built-in Li-ion batteries for 4-6 hours
  • Measurement of Loc/GP/MB/VOR parameters
  • Listed in the national register of measuring instruments
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