20 August – Day of Russian Air Fleet

Dear friends and colleagues! The Day of Russian Air Fleet is a grand occasion for all those involved in designing, developing and using civil and military aircraft and helicopters. Civil and military aviation crews, engineers and technicians working in aviation ground services, air traffic control system professionals and airport staff, aviation design bureaus, research institutes and plants contribute to the economy of our country.

Modern military aviation addresses a wide range of tasks to ensure Russia's defense capability, and participates in anti-terrorist measures. Military transport aviation has always taken part in elimination of consequences of natural disasters and other emergencies. Civil aviation in our century of high speeds has become the most popular type of intercity, interregional and international transport. Its contribution to the study of our planet is invaluable.

Fundamentally new solutions, due to which advanced technology is created in various fields of human activity, has always been a distinctive feature of aviation. Today, Russian aviation is progressing thanks to the people who are in love with the sky, thanks to the professionals who are aware of their responsibility for the future of Russian air fleet.

We are grateful to our veterans who established the best traditions of Russian air fleet and who have been sharing with us their invaluable professional and life experience.

We trust in Russia’s youth who are expected to carry on the ongoing transformation of the aviation system in our country and turn it into the most innovative and high-tech sector of the Russian economy.

Dear airmen!

On behalf of JSC Azimut and on my own behalf, let me wish you a happy Day of Russian Air Fleet, the festive occasion all of us share! May you always be happy, lucky, in good health and cheer! Let your families flourish and your professionalism improve!

Asker Saidov,

CEO at JSC Azimut

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