Happy Machine-Builders Day!

Dear colleagues, esteemed friends and all those working in the machine-building industry, Machine-building is one of the most challenging industries. It is the industry where the talent, effort and skills of many professions, such as scientists, designers, production managers, engineers and workers, are closely interrelated.

Russian machine-building industry is the basis of the economic and defense potential of our country. Created in the period of industrialization, the industry forged victory in the Great Patriotic war, ensured space and nuclear status of our state. These words are underpinned by the selfless work, knowledge and experience of many generations of Russian engineers who have proven their ability to successfully solve the most complex tasks.

Today, it is also the implementation of breakthrough digital technology and training the personnel possessing required competencies that contribute to the industry. The enterprises that are already using all the opportunities of innovation waves and create the products that have no equals in the world should become centres for innovative manufacturing. The combined efforts of such leading centres, business communities and civil society institutions, supported by the state, are able to raise Russian machine-building industry to a new level, providing for the proof of the status of a high-tech power of our country.

Russia has always been and remains strong thanks to the huge intellectual and creative potential of its citizens, their diligence and ability to overcome any difficulties. I am sure that bright minds and strong hands of the machine-builders will contribute to the creation of the modernized industry of the great country.

Dear friends,

On behalf of JSC Azimut and on my own behalf, let me congratulate you on our common professional holiday, Machine-Builders Day! I sincerely wish you strong health, prosperity to your families, new ideas and accomplishments in your professional activity!

Asker Saidov, CEO at JSC AZIMUT

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