20 October – the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

Dear friends, esteemed air traffic controllers! The whole world celebrates every anniversary of establishing the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers; it is also a special day for the people of your remarkable profession. In the age of digitalization and robotics, transport processes, ultra-high air traffic intensity, it is becoming the cornerstone of ensuring the safety of aircraft flights, which is the main task of modern civil aviation.

Millions of people entrust their lives to the professionals possessing an invaluable amalgamation of the best human qualities and professional competencies. The essential qualities of the profession of air traffic controllers are deep knowledge in their own field and related areas, the unconditional implementation of air traffic management rules and regulations, thinking consistency, the ability to take optimal decisions, tranquility and psychological stability, interpersonal skills and friendliness.

Air traffic control systems and equipment, developed by Russian specialists, that meet the most stringent international standards and are world leaders in their areas, allow air traffic controllers to confidently and safely perform their professional duties.

Dear colleagues!

Applause, always drawn by landing of an aircraft, is also given in the honour of the air traffic controllers who made it possible for the aircraft to reach the destination via the safest and most effective route. Let me, on behalf of the staff of JSC Azimut and on my own behalf, congratulate you on your professional holiday – the International day of the air traffic controller! I sincerely wish you every success, health, cheerfulness, confidence, family well-being and new achievements in your professional activity!

Asker Saidov,

CEO at JSC Azimut

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