AZIMUT is finishing the development of a ground-based surveillance system with wide-area and aerodrome MLAT / ADS-B features

Russian developer of electronic systems for civil aviation JSC Azimut (Azimut JSC) is finishing activities as part of the research and development work to establish a ground-based surveillance system MLAT/ADS-B – MAS 2700.

The MAS 2700 system measures the aircraft position based on reply signals received by omnidirectional antennas from an aircraft. To calculate the aircraft position, differences in the runtime of transponder responses taken at different points are used.

The specifics of the terrain, environmental or economic considerations, the need for extended monitoring of the airspace, providing safety of flights in terrain-rich environments or the importance of keeping height by an aircraft with reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) may be the reasons for the use of the system. The system can operate independently or supplement existing radars.

To conduct certification testing and launch the production and operation of MLAT, a prototype of the MAS 2700 system will be deployed at Platov airport and at the facilities of Radio-technical Communications and Navigational Equipment Department of the Rostov UATMS Consolidated Centre.

Scientific and technical support of works on development and testing is ensured by an Institute of Air Navigation branch, FSUE “State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation”.

The modular architecture of the MAS 2700 system provides the ability to create different configurations for specific customer tasks, including:

  • site surveillance within the movement area of the aerodrome (Aerodrome-MLAT function meets the requirements of ED-117A);

  • surveillance of an aircraft enroute at the aerodrome terminal control area (TMA) and at the final approach (Wide-Area-MLAT function meets the requirements of ED-142);

  • precision monitoring of aircraft on parallel (or almost parallel) runways (PRM function);

  • monitoring of the geometric height of an aircraft (HMU function);

  • surveillance based on ADS-B (ground-based ADS-B system meets the requirements of ED-129B).

In accordance with the customer’s needs, the MAS 2700 system may be deployed in the configuration that can maintain all the functions mentioned above in full and simultaneously, or in any combination of these functions. In particular, the simplest configuration for the MAS 2700 system to be deployed is as a standalone ground-based ADS-B station. The ground-based surveillance system with wide-area and aerodrome MLAT/ADS-B features – MAS 2700 meets the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and EUROCONTROL Agency.

JSC Azimut with the assistance of the Rostec State Corporation develops, manufactures commercially, and supplies, on a turnkey basis, civil aviation enterprises with the facilities of communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation, as well as develops and implements integrated projects of equipping and re-equipping aerodromes and air traffic control centres.

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