AZIMUT commissioned radio navigation aids at the airport of the Republic of Mordovia

Works on commissioning of the facilities of air traffic control, radio navigation and landing, produced by the leading Russian developer and supplier of aviation equipment, JSC Azimut, have been completed at Saransk International Airport.

The renovation of the airfield infrastructure of the airport of the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, hosting the 2018 Football World Cup, is being carried out as part of the Federal target program «Development of the transport system of Russia for the years 2010-2020». Modernization of radio navigation aids will allow ensuring the development of the airport network in accordance with the modern requirements of air transport services. All the works on commissioning of the air navigation equipment has been made in the interests of FSUE «State ATM Corporation».

The Company's specialists carried out installation, commissioning, ground tests and flight checks of a radio-beacon landing system ILS2700/DME/NL2700, Doppler azimuthal-distance measuring equipment DVOR2000/DME2700, an automatic direction finder (ADF) DF 2000 and a non-directional beacon (NDB) RMP-200. Identical navigation equipment is successfully used in many Russian air transport hubs. In late 2017 alone, AZIMUT completed fitting the airports of the Northern Urals and new Platov airport in the Rostov region with radio navigation aids.

JSC Azimut with the assistance of the Rostec State Corporation develops, manufactures commercially, and supplies, on a turnkey basis, civil aviation enterprises with the facilities of communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation, as well as develops and implements integrated projects of equipping and re-equipping aerodromes and air traffic control centres.

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