February 9 – the Civil Aviation Day of Russia

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

On behalf of JSC Azimut staff and on my own behalf, let me, with all my heart, congratulate you on our common holiday, the Civil Aviation Day of Russia!

In recent years, the civil aviation industry in Russia has begun to reach a new level – modern airplanes and aircraft engines are being designed; innovative aviation and ground-based equipment is being developed; the regulatory framework and operating methods are being improved.

The development of civil aviation as a driver of the Russian economy, in which the most advanced achievements of modern science and practice are concentrated, is impossible without the advanced development of other sectors of the economy. First of all, it concerns aviation and radio-electronic production, computer science, bio- and nanotechnologies. Today, the priority should be given to deepening the interaction of developers and manufacturers of aircraft equipment, who create innovative products, along with operators generating requirements for these products, aircraft performance, and the consumer qualities of aviation equipment. It is close cooperation that will enable us to find new competitive advantages allowing strengthening the existing markets and winning new ones."

Dear airmen!

We convey our gratitude to all veterans, who have taken great pains and put their heart into the creation, operation and development of Russian aviation. The best traditions laid by them, the heat of our hearts, our skills and professional experience will be passed down to the people of merit, to the next generation of young and ambitious airmen armed with new knowledge. This is the key to a powerful revival of Russian civil aviation.

Dear Friends!

On this festive day, let me wish all professionals involved in one of the most important sectors of the economy of the great country every success, a worthy place in the chain of air transport services, professional growth, good health and family well-being!

Asker Sayidov,

CEO at JSC Azimut

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