AZIMUT completes work on preparation for the commissioning of instrumental landing system ILS2700 at the airport of Chelyabinsk

Preparations for the commissioning of the ILS2700 at Chelyabinsk airport have been completed.

Specialists of Azimut JSC carried out the installation, commissioning, and briefing of operating personnel, as well as ground tests and introductory flight checks.

The ILS 2700 ground equipment is intended for emitting amplitude-modulated RF signals in the specified zone. The signals contain data to be received on board the aircraft equipped with the relevant receiving devices. The ground equipment provides finding the aircraft po­sition with reference to the runway during approach and landing phases.

In 2020, the Urals Federal District is expected to host major events – the summits of SCO and BRICS.

Numerous meetings and agreements between the countries will contribute to the achievement of the goals set in the issues of economic and financial stability, preservation of peace and sustainable growth of investments.

In preparation for the upcoming events, a lot of work is planned to redevelop the city, improve its infrastructure, including upgrading Chelyabinsk airport.

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