AZIMUT at the international aviation and space salon MAKS-2019

The XIV-th international aviation and space salon was held in the period from August 27th to September 1st, 2019. The leaders of the Russian aviation and space industries, the world's largest manufacturers presented their products on an area of 26.5 thousand square metres in pavilions and 45 thousand square metres of open areas and static parking areas. The 2019 salon sparked the highest ever interest from aviation professionals and amateurs. The total number of visitors to the event exceeded 578 thousand people. Eight aerobatic groups flying 81 aerial vehicles, including 39 aircraft, participated in the flight show.

During six days, aviation and air navigation specialists and experts exchanged views of new products at sessions, conferences and demonstrations. Participants of the exhibition noted increase in business activity, growth in the intensity of negotiations and meetings in comparison with the past MAKS salons.

AZIMUT, providing customers with a complete set of works and services required for a turnkey project: predesign inspection, design, equipment supply, construction, installation and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty services of the equipment throughout the life cycle, took on the role of a provider of solutions rather than individual units of equipment.

The Company's exposition centre at MAKS-2019 was the Galaxy ATC Automation System, voice communication system (VCS) designed for use in air traffic management centres, as well as the system of biometric identification of a person by the iris (VZOR).

As part of the exhibition, the specialists of Azimut JSC held pre-contract negotiations, consultations and technical presentations, following which it is expected to replenish the Company's order portfolio.

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