Seminar on “Trajectory-based operations. Concept, status, roadmap” held in St. Petersburg

On October 10, 2019, a seminar “Trajectory-based operations. Concept, status, roadmap” was held in St. Petersburg. The seminar was attended by representatives of Azimut JSC, FSUE “State ATM Corporation”, “Research Institute of Aviation Equipment” JSC, and AIRBUS. Trajectory-based operations are the most promising technology of air navigation, which is the subject of a significant part of the new edition of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan, aimed at increasing the level of digitalization of the air navigation system.

The participants reviewed and discussed the European Master Plan 2019, the industry roadmap "Airbus CNS / ATM", Airbus concept and roadmap in terms of the introduction of 4D-trajectories, promising projects in the field of ATM and plans for the introduction of services based on the use of air-ground digital data links in the Russian Federation and Europe. In the ensuing discussion, other pressing issues in the field of CNS/ATM were raised.

The seminar participants noted the relevance of the implementation of operations based on trajectories at the regional (Europe – Russia) and global levels, implementing them in airborne avionics, ground systems of planning the use of airspace and air traffic services. The parties agreed to continue further contacts and organize joint work aimed at the introduction of this promising technology.

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