Happy Radio Day!

May 7th went down in the history of the world’s science and technology as the birthday of the radio. It was on this day in 1895 at a meeting of the Russian physical and chemical society, that Russian physicist Aleksandr Popov made a presentation and demonstration of the world's first radio receiver, having made the first radio communication session. Therefore, today this date is celebrated by employees of all communication industries as their professional holiday!

Azimut created its first radio station long ago, and now we are continuing to develop the 2000 series of a new generation of multi-channel digital VHF and VHF radio equipment / ATC ranges. Digital implementation increases the efficiency of radio communication and data transfer tasks in ACARS and VDL 2 modes, which defines the main application place, in civil and state aviation air traffic control systems. Congratulations to our colleagues, developers, manufacturers and operators! Let radio communication always be stable, high-quality and flawless!

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