Happy Victory Day!

Dear Colleagues and Friends! Dear Veterans - Winners! Today is the Great Victory day, the day of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War. Today in addition to the words of appreciation to the Winners, the blessed memory of those who are not with us today, the question arises: “What is the Great Patriotic War for us, for modern people?” At first glance it is a strange question, but the question is not idle. And today it is advisably to try to find an answer.

For most people in our country, everything is clear: the 9th May is the day of National Pride and honor of the ancestors who got this victory. They got it in the trenches on the front line, in partisan units, got it with hard work behind the lines, in the fields, in hospitals ...

This was really People’s War.

Nobody in the history has ever known another such war and paid such a price for the Victory!

Scientists carefully calculated that the total losses of the USSR in the Second World War were at least 40 million people: in addition to those who were killed and died from wounds and diseases, these are millions of unborn children.

Nobody has ever known such losses in one war.

Terrible price!

What was the price paid for? Was it worth it?

Judge for yourself. This is the price of just three things:

1. The right to live without disappearing from the face of the Earth (as the North American Indians almost disappeared);

2. The right to think and speak the language of the ancestors;

3. The right to have a family and grow children ...

The Reich leaders were going to deprive the USSR of this very thing once and for all.

The fascists demonstrated the seriousness of their intentions through deeds: for example, before the occupation, more than 900 thousand people lived in Kiev, and after occupation less than 180 thousand remained; the population of Minsk under the fascist yoke decreased in 10 times. So the enemy was not joking!

And our people of all nationalities of the Great country were fighting with enemy fiercely and selflessly!

The sons of the Caucasus inscribed glorious lines in the history of this fight, demonstrating the miracles of heroism. So in January 1942, the reconnaissance officer Khadzhimurza Mildzikhov, being wounded three times, destroyed 108 fascists in one battle! He became a true Hero of the Soviet Union. And there were thousands of such heroes!

Friends! We congratulate all of us that 75 years ago our grandfathers and great-grandfathers won the Great Victory!

Eternal glory and gratitude from us who live thanks to this Victory!

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