AZIMUT received a type certificate for MAS2700

In April 2020, following successful certification tests, Azimut JSC received an FAAT-RNA-026 Type Certificate issued by the Federal Agency for Air Transport for the MAS2700 MLAT system, confirming compliance of the product specifications with the certification requirements of applicable Russian and international standards for surveillance means.

The MAS2700 MLAT system is designed to detect and determine the coordinates of aircraft, as well as to provide information to air traffic control units on the location of aircraft in the airspace. Some certain objects are displayed on the controller’s screen, marked by the aircraft ID, altitude, and other data obtained through the A/C, S, and ADC-B 1090 ES modes.

The peculiarity of the new system lies in the performance characteristics (the number of simultaneously tracked aircraft) obtained. Up to 400 ground stations can be connected to the MAS2700 central processor unit, and at the same time the significant characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility and noise immunity are obtained.

MAS2700 fully complies with the requirements of the international standards of EUROCAE* ED-117A, ED-142, and is the only MLAT system in Russia, implementing the functionality of the ADS-B 1090 ES mode in accordance with ED-129B; it can also be used as a height monitoring unit (HMU), the obligations for which are borne by Russia to the world aviation community within the framework of the Regional Monitoring Agency.

 "The use of the latest technologies in the creation of the system and the highest qualification of engineers allowed us to achieve exceptional economic performance of products in batch production, providing serious advantages for customers" - explained CEO Asker Saidov.

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