Azimut JSC: prospects for participation in the global project "Flying on a coordinated digital trajectory."

On June 23, 2020 on the internet site of FSUE "State ATM Corporation" was held a meeting of the Commission for the development of the air navigation system (hereinafter – Commission) on "4D–trajectory: flights on a coordinated digital trajectory". The meeting was moderated by V. V. Solomentsev, Deputy CEO of Azimut JSC. Among those who participated in the meeting were heads and specialists of industrial and scientific enterprises, the Association of air transport operators, and Aeroflot – Russian Airlines PJSC. Igor Moissenko, CEO of the State ATM Corporation, and representatives of AIRBUS made presentations at the meeting.

During the meeting it was noted that: the project "Flights on a coordinated digital trajectory" (Trajectory-based operations – TBO) has been launched in the world. The project is aimed at improving the quality of coordination and alignment of the aircraft flight trajectory through the use of advanced digital flight plan data (4D-trajectory) and continuous synchronization of the trajectory in flight. This project is included in the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.

The project is aimed at reducing the operating costs of air space users (in particular, fuel economy) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing flight time, improving the efficiency of air space use, improving the accuracy of determining conflict situations, predictability of the air situation and, as a result, improving flight safety.

The project implementation will require changes in the onboard equipment of aircraft, in the flight control centres of airlines, planning airspace use and flow management in automation systems, air-to-ground data link infrastructure, in the interaction between operational agencies and ATM operators.

The participants emphasized the necessity for a coordinated transition to operations based on 4D trajectories with neighbouring states and further work on the introduction of modern digital technologies for air navigation services for airspace users.

Following the meeting of the Commission, Asker Saidov, CEO of Azimut JSC, said: "One can hardly overestimate the importance of the project "Flights on a coordinated digital trajectory". We are optimistic about the opportunities opening up for Azimut JSC in this regard, and we are ready to actively participate in the implementation of the project, since its purpose and content fully meet our strategic goals."

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