Azimut JSC defended R&D deliverables

Azimut JSC successfully completed and defended the deliverables on the research work "Research, development of scientifically based proposals and implementation of a pilot project for the introduction of D-ATIS functions".

At the meeting of the Commission of FSUE "State ATM Corporation" to review the deliverables, Deputy CEO of Azimut JSC V. V. Solomentsev presented the results of the work performed aimed at introducing a new digital service for the delivery of automatic terminal information service (ATIS) directly on board the aircraft.

Currently, at airports in the Russian Federation, ATIS information is transmitted to aircraft crews by voice broadcasting directly in terminal airspace. For this purpose, ATIS report generation tools and radio transmitters produced by various manufacturers are used. The limitation of this method of providing the service is that ATIS broadcasting information is available to aircraft crews at a distance of no more than 300 km from the airport, as well as low voice intelligibility when exposed to interference in the radio channel.

When implementing ATIS data transfer technology on board using VHF data transfer stations, ATIS reports are received on board the aircraft in digital form and can be displayed on an indicator (or printed out on an onboard printer), and the ATIS report itself is available to the crew almost anywhere worldwide, and the crew can get prepared in advance for landing at the destination airport.

The deliverables describe a Plan for the implementation of an advanced D-ATIS digital service in ATS units, recommendations for the implementation of the service based on international experience, proposals for improving the ATIS equipment currently in operation, as well as specific proposals for changing the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

The recommendations and suggestions are developed on the international practice of providing the D-ATIS service, international standards, as well as on the results of successful testing of the D-ATIS digital service, organized by FSUE "State ATM Corporation", InfoCom-Avia JSC, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines PJSC and the SITAONAIR Company. To implement the service, Azimut JSC has developed specialized equipment: a D-ATIS server that collects information from ATIS airport systems, generates reports in accordance with the ED-89A standard, and interacts with the SITAONAIR network.

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