Unmanned aircraft - Technologies of robotics and control

On November 26-27, 2020, the AERONET scientific and practical conference was held. It was aimed at supporting private initiative and entrepreneurial potential in the field of unmanned aviation and space transport, as well as in the field of geoinformation systems, collection, processing and use of geodata.

The conference was organized by the AERONET Infrastructure centre.

The two-day event included discussions on the implementation of the updated AERONET 2020 roadmap (RM2.0) and the components of its integrated projects.

During the conference, sections were organized on various topical issues of creating and using UAS.

Viktor Solomentsev, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the development of the aeronautical system of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia, Deputy CEO of Azimut JSC, moderated the section "Aero Segment: Technologies of robotics and control".

The section heard reports from leading enterprises in the field of creating robotic UAS, using UAS for performing transport and logistics operations, controlling UAS complexes, organizing their movement and integrating UAVs into national airspace.

As a result of the discussion, current technological and organizational issues that need to be addressed to expand the use of the UAS market were highlighted, including:

Increasing the level of robotization and autonomizing of UAS for their group use with minimal human participation;

Development and testing of alternative technologies for integrating UAVs into national airspace;

Creation and implementation of a national satellite functional supplement system (SBAS) that meets the requirements of aviation consumers in terms of accuracy and integrity;

Creation of an integrated communications infrastructure that is accessible at ultra-low altitudes, including the national low-orbit satellite system, aviation and mobile radiotelephone communications that provide both safety-critical tasks and commercial traffic transmission with a specified quality of service;

Testing of UAS fleet control technologies in terms of performing transport, logistics and service operations in various application conditions (unpopulated areas, towns, cities, etc.);

Accelerated UAS certification procedures with the use of digital design methods and confirmation of airworthiness.

"Holding such events is very important for the development of the unmanned aviation market. Here, the most topical issues are discussed, and new initiatives that determine the future of aviation on the whole open up," Viktor Solomentsev said commenting on the results of the conference.

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