Azimut JSC receives a type certificate for CDR 2700 Recording and Playback System (RPS)

Azimut JSC receives a type certificate for CDR 2700 Recording and Playback System (RPS)

Based on the results of successful certification tests, AZIMUT JSC received a type certificate No. FAVT-RTOP-035 issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency for the CDR 2700 Recording and Playback System, confirming compliance of the product characteristics with the certification requirements in force in the Russian Federation, as well as the requirements of world standards for recording and playback systems.

CDR-2700 RPS is designed for recording radar information, voice messages and data via analogue and digital radio channels, telephone/loudspeaker communication, surveillance information, planned information, meteorological information, information displayed on monitors of workstations and servers (if necessary) from the system, control room information from video cameras and microphones, recording system event logs, recording system user actions (including in text form), as well as for creating an archive of recorded information on hard drives and long-term (removable) media, playback of recorded information from the archive of operational access and from the archive on long-term (removable) media.

The main technical parameters that determine the advantages of the system include the following:

- built-in equipment for self-diagnosis, which allows identifying and localizing malfunctions;

- modular design that minimizes the repair time;

- the accessibility of modules, which guarantees the convenience of inspection, testing, configuration and disassembly, in particular with respect to critical parts of the system;

- standardization and interchangeability of modules, which reduces the need for spare parts and the need for specialized tools;

dimensions and weight of multicomponent assemblies, of auxiliary multicomponent assemblies and of structurally replaceable units, which ensures ease of operation.

CDR 2700 RPS is a modern product implementing the architecture of open systems and developed in accordance with international standards, ICAO recommendations and the Global ATM Operational Concept [ICAO_9854]. As part of the CDVI, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions are mainly used, allowing implementing a modular scalable architecture of hardware and software components with a distributed structure built on the basis of local area networks (LANs).

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