Azimut JSC commissioned the Technological Building of the St. Petersburg consolidated UATMS Centre

Upon completion of construction and completion of acceptance and operational tests of the automated air traffic management system on December 22, 2021, the Federal Air Transport Agency granted authorization for the commissioning of the Technological Building of the St. Petersburg consolidated UATMS Centre. The key elements of the automated system are GALAXY Automated System, VCS 2700 Voice Communication System, and a Pult 1 (Console 1) remote control equipment set manufactured by Azimut JSC.

The commissioning of the St. Petersburg consolidated UATMS Centre will increase the level of flight safety in the North-Western region, optimize the structure of air traffic control units, improve the quality of services provided to airspace users and reduce operating costs.

The St. Petersburg consolidated UATMS Centre is one of the largest centres in Europe, whose area of responsibility includes the entire North-Western region of Russia, including the existing ACCs of St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk (oceanic and continental sectors), Naryan-Mar, Kotlas, Vorkuta, Syktyvkar, Vologda, Pulkovo Airport Terminal Controller Centre, Local Controller Point, off-route sectors with a total of 24 operating ATC sectors.

We are sincerely grateful to all the employees of Azimut JSC and the companies acting in cooperation, who became direct participants in the implementation of such a large-scale project, which is a landmark for our country.

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